We create remarkable 

graphics and printed matter, helping you expand 

your brand reach and grow your bottom line.

Welcome to Gibson Girl Graphics! Grab a cuppa Joe and take a tour of all things we've had the honor of creating for ambitious businesses just like yours, for nearly 20 years now! From logos and websites, to advertising and branding your event, we delight in helping businesses grow.


We think serving others is one of the best things we can do in life. We offer organic, pasture raised ideas and services. Honestly, no caged birds here! 

Below is merely highlight of our offerings. If it's visual, we can help.


Business Cards

Letterhead & Envelopes

Invitations & Stationery



Event Branding



Dance Floors

Table Numbers

Place Cards


Electronic Greetings

Email Headers

Instagram Graphics

Facebook Graphics

Pinterest Graphics




A stellar logo reflects your business identity while serving as a siren call to your ideal customers. Some time ago, my client honored me with the title, “Brand Midwife.” In our meetings she would say, “I know how the brand feels, just not how it looks.” Of course, that’s where we come in. Let’s bring your baby into the world! Lamaze classes optional.




We work with you to create a collection of media to promote your business, ultimately easing your sales and marketing efforts. From brochures and flyers, to business cards, invitations and thank you cards, we aim to build tangible, touchable evidence of your brand clearly aligned with your core values and personality. 



Gibson Girl will enable your company to successfully do business online. Through the magical combination of design and development with compelling copy and stunning images, we aim to create a great user experience with a clear call to action. 


Event Branding

Do you remember the last great event you attended? Did you know from the surroundings who the organizer was? Who sponsored it? Bonus points if you can recall the message of the event! A stellar affair will have created a crystal-clear image in your mind, helping you recall your experience in the future. From event logos to social media images and booths, banners and Swag, we endeavor to increase your event and brand awareness, drive sales and build engagement. And if your event becomes the talk of the town, well, we won’t mind at all.