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Graphic Designer Julie Gibson

Julie Gibson spends her life building beautiful bridges - and drinking coffee! Her custom business logos and stationary designs provide her clients with a gateway to their brand. Gibson Girl Graphics provide a complete, well-designed bridge between the businesses her clients have built and cultivated and the brand they want their customers to cherish.

As a child, Julie, the CEO and Creative Director of Gibson Girl Graphics, LLC, adored color, patterns and texture, creating hand made collages and artwork from natural materials like leaves and moss. As she grew up, she became more immersed in her love of art, fashion and design. Fascinated by the idea of building bridges and incorporating a sense of beauty and style into structure, she entered college at California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo. Her formal education earned her a BS in Architectural Engineering, but Julie’s passion always lay in finding the beauty and elegance in complex designs. 

Frustrated with her early career as an aspiring engineer and seeking a creative outlet, Julie enrolled in a letterpress class. This led to a 20-year career in graphic design, and a talent for bringing logos, branding and stationary to life for her clients and their businesses. 


Julie’s favorite aspect of working with her customers is getting to know the things that make each business unique and bringing those elements to life through her designs. She works closely with her clients to understand who they are and exactly what they are looking for in a brand to clearly demonstrate their business vision. 

Julie explains, “I love helping people bring their brand to life. They have so many ideas swimming in their head and I love bringing that into physical form on the page - like being a brand midwife. I love learning about the various businesses people run and I love being a part of their success as a business, and as a brand.”


For Julie, the smiles on her clients’ faces when they receive their initial designs are one of the most rewarding aspects of her job. She is extremely hands-on and works closely with her clients to bring their business’s brand to life. “I love how ideas swirl around in my mind, and then one day they are in my hands. I love to play with texture and colors. And I love that this is a co-creative process with my clients.”


Julie puts her talent for graphic design and brand development to work for her clients. She helps them build beautiful bridges to imprint their business brand in the minds of their customers as an elegant, meaningful and lasting mark.

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